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North of the Golden Gate Bridge . . . Sonoma, Napa and Northern Marin Counties.

The Browns welcome all types of transactions . . . whether it be a grand estate on acreage, equestrian property, single family dwelling, townhouse/condominium, multi-unit, vacant parcel or vineyard.


  • Gary has 29 years of experience as a Realtor in the North Bay
  • Ashley has 22 years of experience as a Realtor in the North Bay (obtaining her Broker’s license in 2017)
  • What clients appreciate is the fact that the Browns work side-by-side, together on all transactions.


Click this link here “Client Reviews” to read what just some of their clients have to share about their “Experiences” with the Browns.


  • They are not only highly respected by their fellow Brokers and Realtors; but also by numerous office Brokers/managers at various firms; for being true professionals within their field.
  • The Browns practice what used to be called “Common Sense” – AKA: doing it right the first time, without someone having to ask.
  • They make it a goal to exceed expectations by going above and beyond, working drama and ego free . . . making it a win-win for all parties involved.


These are the foundations of the Browns’ real estate business.  Well-known trademarks of Gary and Ashley include:

  • The Browns have attended extensive real estate sales training seminars (near and far), and one-on-one sales training/coaching throughout their entire careers . . . self-investing well into the six figures in all aspects of continued education. Not to mention attending numerous attorney-led risk management seminars yearly to ensure they’re always razor sharp and one step ahead.
  • Strong negotiation skills and knowledge of real estate documentation and disclosures
  • With the Brown’s consistent communication, you’ll never be left wondering what’s going on.
  • Educating and advising clients on what to expect in the current real estate market, while listening to and accurately interpreting their clients’ needs and lifestyle
  • Attention to the smallest detail
  • Charisma . . . adding humor at the appropriate times, and always keeping the entire process fun and upbeat
  • No matter the price range or type of sale (i.e. 1031 exchange, probate sale, etc.), all clients receive the Browns’ stellar service.


The Browns represent numerous buyers and sellers in “Off Market” sales  (Listings and Sales that never appear on the Multiple Listing Service or the active marketplace).  The Browns hold themselves to high standards with clear accountability, all while respecting client confidentiality.


Are you contemplating relocating out of the Bay Area, out of California, or even out of the Country?  No worries, as the Browns will place you in good hands, providing you a seasoned agent that is the most qualified in that immediate area; that fits your specific needs.


  • From professional photography to high-end marketing materials, the Browns have you covered
  • Using the latest in technology for completing disclosures online – to DocuSign (allowing clients to sign from anywhere in the world)

To view just a few examples of the Browns’ marketing efforts, click on the live links on the below websites:     |     |     |     |

OTHER AFFILIATIONS (Include, but not limited to):

National Association of Realtors (NAR)    |    California Association of Realtors (CAR)    |    North Bay Association of Realtors (NORBAR)     Bay Area Real Estate Information Services (BAREIS), which include numerous other Multiple Listing Services throughout California

VAST RESOURCES (Include, but not limited to):

~    Title/Escrow companies    ~    Mortgage Brokers    ~    Exchange companies    ~    Tax advisers    ~    Appraisers    ~    Contractors and Handymen    ~    Landscape contractors and maintenance    ~    Inspectors (home, pest, roof, pool, well, septic, vineyard/soils analysis, etc.)    ~    Staging companies    ~    Moving companies    ~    Professional cleaners    ~    The list goes on and on


Gary and Ashley were both born and raised in the Bay Area, California – Marin and Sonoma Counties; and have been a couple for 23 years (married for 20 of those years) and both attended local colleges. They have a tremendous appreciation for memorable food/wine/dining experiences (see below for just some of their favorite restaurant recommendations) . . . and travel (typically during the slow times of the year and/or holidays).

Fun fact, Gary and Ashley were in the top 100 out of millions of reviewers for OpenTable in the entire U.S. (when OpenTable kept track of posts) – yes, in order to keep that rank, they “absolutely had to” (wink) eat out 6-7 nights a week for years.  The Browns don’t just enjoy fine dining – but have very open palates (especially both being raised in European families) . . . everything from food trucks . . .  to Michelin Star rated restaurants (near and far).

One of Gary and Ashley’s greatest passions is that of Formula One Racing (aka: F1).  Formula One is best known for the Grand Prix in the streets of Monaco (teams such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Red Bull and McLaren).  F1 offers 20+ global races a calendar year; and watched by over half a billion people (yes, 500,000,000+) on any given Sunday race.  Gary and Ashley have attended a number of races.  Just some races they’ve traveled to enjoy are . . . Spa, Belgium . . . Monza, Italy . . . Monaco . . . Montreal, Canada . . . Austin, Texas . . . and Mexico City.  In Mexico City they enjoyed a one-of-a-kind 3-day experience by joining the Red Bull F1 Racing Team, where they had the opportunity to meet the entire team (including the drivers); spend time in the garage during the qualification and the race itself; and when Red Bull won the race, they even were able to take pictures holding the 1st place/winner’s trophy.  End note . . . Gary and Ashley have never missed a TV airing of a qualification or race in over 20 years . . . yes, they’re truly fanatical fans of the sport !!!

In their time away from the office (although still connected of course), one can find Gary and Ashley in the Gym very early (5+ days a week).  H.I.I.T. = High Intensity Interval Training classes are brutal, but do the body good. And yes, nothing like starting your day/45 minute group workout at 6:00AM with 25 Burpee’s just to warm up. Experiencing/enjoying great restaurants throughout the Bay Area and fantastic wineries and wines the Sonoma and Napa Valley’s have to offer. Although they enjoy most wines, their favorites are the “Big, Bold Reds” (such as Cabernet Sauvignon; Bordeaux; Barolo; Barbaresco; etc.)   Or, you might even find the Browns at the Sonoma Raceway or the karting track, taking a cheese tasting class or attending a concert, musical, horse show or charity event (just a few of their favorites are Make-A-Wish Foundation, Disabled American Veterans [DAV]; to various animal shelters). 

Note: Gary and Ashley had the pleasure of owning/loving their German Shepard for 12+ years.

Prior to Gary’s real estate career, he was professionally trained as a drummer (receiving his first drum set at the young age of 5)  just one of his many instructors was Tom Donlinger who was Van Morrison’s drummer.  Gary played in a number of bands and clubs; and was very fortunate to rehearse and learn from (5 to 6 nights a week) many well known musicians in the same Marin County rehearsal studio/venue as Huey Lewis; Night Ranger; Greg Kihn; Metallica; Santana; Starship and many, many more.  Gary set a goal of being “signed” by a major record label by 25; although at the age of 24, he “put down the sticks.”  Gary’s musical career taught him (at a young age) about strategic planning, marketing, promotion and sales . . . having to sell an allotted number of tickets prior to each event/show . . . or the band/Gary had to pay the large venue for the tickets not sold (out of their pockets) which makes you learn sales real quick (lol); thus paving the path toward pursuing real estate, as Gary received his California Real Estate Sales License in late 1993.

Shortly thereafter Gary was honored (in 1994) as “Rookie of the Year” at a large Bay Area firm formally known as Frank Howard Allen Realtors.

Ashley has been passionate and an advocate of animals her entire life.  She is an accomplished equestrian, having sat on her first horse at a very young age.  Ashley was honored to have been trained in the “Horse Arts” of 3-Day Eventing and Dressage by Olympians.  She grew up with the Arabian horse breed, eventually having the distinct pleasure to own numerous other mounts (from Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, and most recently a spectacular Friesian). Prior to her real estate career, Ashley worked in the family business and then at First American Title Company. Ashley obtained her California Real Estate Sales License in 2000; and proudly achieved the feat of obtaining her California Real Estate Broker’s License in 2017. 




  1. El Molino Central, Sonoma
  2. Wit & Wisdom, Sonoma
  3. Café La Haye, Sonoma
  4. Girl & the Fig, Sonoma
  5. Valley, Sonoma
  6. El Dorado Kitchen (EDK) Sonoma
  7. Bistro Jeanty, Yountville
  8. French Laundry, Yountville
  9. Bistro Don Giovani, Napa
  10. Auberge du Soleil, Rutherford
  11. Charter Oak, St. Helena
  12. Press, St. Helena
  13. Meadowood, St. Helena
  14. Single Thread, Healdsburg
  15. Willi’s Seafood, Healdsburg
  16. Diavola, Geyserville
  17. Sugo, Petaluma
  18. Wild Goat Bistro, Petaluma
  19. Buckeye, Mill Valley
  20. Farmshop, Larkspur
  21. Hog Island Oyster Bar (numerous locations)
  22. Boulevard, San Francisco
  23. Seven Hills, San Francisco
  24. Gary Danko, San Francisco
  25. Yank Sing, San Francisco
  26. Monsieur Benjamin, San Francisco
  27. Nopa, San Francisco
  28. Frances, San Francisco
  29. R&G Lounge, San Francisco
  30. Kokkari Estiatorio, San Francisco
  31. State Bird Provisions, San Francisco
  32. Quince, San Francisco
  33. Acquerello, San Francisco
  34. Atelier Crenn, San Francisco
  35. SPQR, San Francisco
  36. Delfina, San Francisco
  37. Tartine Manufactory, San Francisco
  38. Le Marais, San Francisco
  39. Golden Boy, San Francisco


  1. Alinea, Chicago
  2. Girl & The Goat, Chicago
  3. Little Goat, Chicago
  4. Seventh & Dolores, Carmel
  5. Roy’s, Carmel
  6. Altura, Seattle
  7. Goldfinch Tavern, Seattle
  8. Canlis, Seattle
  9. Lark, Seattle
  10. The Ivy, Los Angeles
  11. Spago, Beverly Hills
  12. Craig’s, Los Angeles
  13. Nobu, Malibu
  14. Wally’s, Beverly Hills
  15. Emeril’s, New Orleans
  16. Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans
  17. Daniel, New York City
  18. Jean-Georges, New York City
  19. Balthazar, New York City
  20. Gramercy Tavern, New York City
  21. Le Bernardin, New York City
  22. Ciclo, Austin, Texas
  23. Flemings Steakhouse, Austin, Texas
  24. La Condesa, Austin, Texas


  1. Bistrot Paul Bert, Paris
  2. Frenchie, Paris
  3. Le Cinq, Paris
  4. L’Ami Jean, Paris
  5. Ristorante Cavallino, Modena, Italy
  6. VUN Andrea Aprea, Milan, Italy
  7. Ristorante Rino, Como, Italy
  8. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London
  9. Cullen’s at the Cottage (at Ashford Castle), Ireland
  10. The Connaught Room (high tea at Ashford Castle), Ireland
  11. Celajes, Costa Rica
  12. Bloody Mary’s, Bora Bora
  13. Pujol, Mexico City
  14. Agua, San Jose del Cabo
  15. Seared, San Jose del Cabo
  16. Suviche, San Jose del Cabo


  • French Polynesia islands (Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora) = Over the water bungalows; swimming with and hand feeding Stingrays; Snorkeling; Whale watching tours; Tahitian vanilla plantation tour; Jeep island tours; witnessing Manta rays performing large loops while eating plankton (attracted by the underwater floodlight) at dusk just under our feet, as we sat on the dock on our private over the water bungalow; running into Pierce Brosnan in the lounge area at our hotel (what a NICE guy!)
  • Mexico = toured Chichen Itza ruins and climbed to the top of the Temple of Kukulcan (pyramid); Scuba diving (tanks) for the first time in Cozumel; enjoying Yucatan cuisine at a home of a local family; Jet Skiing; ATV touring local mountain villages; Riding horses on the beach; Fine dining at Pujol (voted top 10 World Restaurant) in Mexico City; 3-day package with Red Bull F1 Racing Team (Formula One race weekend); One of our favorite resorts is One & Only Palmilla (San Jose Los Cabos)
  • Canada = staying at the Hotel Quintessence in Mont-Tremblant attending a 3-day Ferrari high-performance driving school (Corso Pilota) at one of the best race tracks in North America “Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant.” Fun fact . . . of the 18 participants [broken into 3 teams of 6], 1 of the top 3 executives at Apple happened to be in Gary’s team.  We didn’t realize who this individual was (as he was dressed down in jeans/tee-shirt/ball cap/sunglasses and went by a nickname) until after the event at the finale dinner.  What a supper nice/great guy.  Yes, their team won of course – LOL.  Side note . . . Gary’s attended 30+ high performance driving schools on race tracks over the years (even taking 1st place in a high-end Auto-Cross event with 30 participants at Sonoma Raceway/Sears Point).  Yes, he’s passionate about driving . . . and fine automobiles.
  • Costa Rica = Toucan, Sloth (and so many more native animals) rehabilitation center and Sanctuary; We love coffee, so being able to tour a coffee plantation was amazing; Canopy walks; Spotting the Resplendent Quetzal (rare bird); Rain forest night-time hikes; “SkyTrek” Zip-Lining in Arenal (a total of 8 cables coming down off the mountain – some lines being over 650 feet high and almost a half mile long); Our favorite hotel was the Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa (their thermal waters warmed by and flowing from the volcano just a few miles above them are simply magical); Taking a class all about Chocolate, learning about the history of Chocolate; growth of the trees; to harvesting; to the actual making of the delights we enjoy); a 25 mile river rafting/float past numerous Crocodiles and Howler Monkeys (noted as the loudest land animal on earth . . . wow, what an amazing sound.  Click HERE if you’d like to experience the sound for yourself).
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines = sailed around the islands on a chartered newer 72′ carbon fiber catamaran with three other couples/friends. Visiting islands such as Mustique, Bequia, Union Island, Canouan, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Petit Nevis, and more.  The waters are incredible here.
  • Italy = having traveled to this amazing Country several times, we’ve tried to immerse ourselves in just about everything and toured from the Southern tip all the way up North. Biking the top of the walls of Lucca (where Gary’s grandparents were from); Taking the train through the Northern Countryside; Touring the Roman Colosseum and Pantheon; Touring the Vatican’s museum, Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter’s Basilica; happen to meet the American Ambassador to the Vatican who invited us to an intimate, private gathering of no more than 300 people to be blessed by Pope John Paul II; Captivated by the Statue of David in Florence; Astonished by The Last Supper in Milan (which is actually a mural painted on the wall, not a canvas painting as projected); Purchasing our large, colorful “Baby Baccus” ceramic statue in the walled hilltop village/town of Orvieto, Umbria; Viewing the Leaning Tower of Pisa; Fascinated by the history while touring the City of Pompeii; Driving the coastline of Almafi, Ravello and Positano with Sorrento actually being our favorite town, sipping Lemoncello was always a great way to start and end the day, LOL; walking the Blue Trail in Cinque Terre (otherwise known as the Path of Love) and then boating from Cinque Terre to Viareggio (near Pisa); Gondola through Venice; Boat tour around Venice to tour the Murano glass blowing factory; a few magical days spent in Parma touring local, family-owned Prosciutto, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Traditionale Balsamico  (35+ year aged balsamic that tastes a lot like honey) producers; Visited Modena (Ferrari Factory and Museum; Fiorano racetrack; Ristorante Cavallino); Shopping at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (Italy’s oldest active shopping “mall” circa 1877), touring the Duomo di Milano and fine-dining in Milan; Staying in Como on the lake taking the Como–Brunate funicular to the top of the mountain (breathtaking views), boating along the Lago di Como stopping in at numerous villages (including stopping for lunch in the famed town of Bellagio); Wine touring with ItaliAnna in Barolo (simply the best 9 hour wine and food tour experience we’ve ever had – and we live in the wine country! If you’re thinking of heading to Barolo, click here for info); Having lunch in Portofino and finishing up with a drink at the famous Hotel Splendido just above the old fishing village; Staying a few nights in the tiny mountain village of Montalto Ligure (we called this the straight up or straight down maze town)
  • Ireland = In Dublin we visited the massive 7 stories at Guinness (circa 1759) Brewery the #1 attraction in Ireland – of course a full day tour with a private connoisseur tasting, which we had to book 60 days in advance (fun fact: The Guinness Book of World Records was started in the 1950’s as a promotional item for the Guinness beer brand), food and whiskey tours, Trinity College and The Book of Kells (including “The Long Room” library), shopping, Hop on/Hop off bus tour, visited the oldest bars in Dublin (Hairy Lemon, Temple Bar and Brazen Head circa 1198), finally experienced a “Scotch Egg” (tastes even better than it looks), and more. Rented a car just for the day to experience driving on the right side of a car on the wrong side of the road (glad we didn’t have a stick shift, as we would be shifting with our left hand) and yes, we always remembered to go Wide Right or Tight Left when at an intersection!   Visited the Cliffs of Moher (over 700 feet straight up from the Atlantic ocean). Toured through Galway on our way to Cong (Ashford Castle).  While staying at the Ashford Castle (which is truly spectacular) we both enjoyed riding horses through the forests and up into the hills of Cong, delighted by our hour and a half Hawk Walk/hunt through the forests with our own Hawks, we also participated in Archery and Clay Pigeon Shooting (12 gauge over/under) classes, and so much more.  Yet another fun fact . . . both Gary and Ashley hale lineage from Scotland and Ireland.
  • France =  enjoying lunch and shopping in the medieval town of Eze, right above the French Riviera between Nice and Monaco; traveling to yet another fairy tale, medieval town of St. Paul de Vence (further inland from the French Riviera) and enjoying French Macarons and Glace; Spending the full day at The Palace of Versailles, Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet, and the Trianon Gardens was beyond over-the-top; Private guided tour of the Musée du Louvre (yes, we viewed the Mona Lisa); Spending a full day at the Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte (the gardens here were what Versailles was commissioned from); Climbing & then descending the almost 300 stairs to the top of the Arc De Triomphe; Shopping in Paris (of course!); Numerous walking history, food and wine tours throughout Paris (eating the best of the area – Boulangerie, Fromagerie, Charcuterie, Chocolaterie, and so much more); Our favorite meals in Paris were at Bistrot Paul Bert (pronounced as Bistro Paul Bear), Frenchie (we learned about these restaurants as they were featured on both Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern’s TV food programs) and L’Ami Jean – Note: as we dined at Frenchie, owner/rock star Chef Greg Marchand came out of the kitchen, walked up to our table to wish Gary a Happy Birthday; and a meal fit for a king and queen (and our most expensive meal EVER with wine pairings of course -LOL) was at the 3 Michelin Star restaurant Le Cinq . . . located within the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris – we were fortunate enough to be invited into the multiple stations/kitchens that seemed to go on “forever;” Taking the inclinators (yes, two) to the very tippy top of the Eiffel Tower to enjoy the views with a glass (ok, plastic “glass” anyway, wink) of Champagne; 3 days in Reims, Champagne visiting the chalk caves of Dom Ruinart, Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot – and learning how to saber open a bottle of Champagne; Ok, so we know Monaco is not France, but as it boarders France we’re including it here !!!  Monaco speaks for itself – and yes we took pleasure in shopping and a full 3 days at the Formula One Grand Prix !!!
  • England = Staying at Ashley’s favorite hotel (The Savoy) in London; Enjoying the “American Bar” in The Savoy (where the cocktail was invented – yes, by an American); Partook in Afternoon tea at The Savoy; and experienced our first taste of a traditional Beef Wellington at Savoy Grill (a Gordon Ramsey restaurant); Numerous history/food and drink walking tours throughout London (wow, what fun to walk through the City and enjoy so many different ethnic foods); One of our favorite restaurants in London was “THE” Restaurant Gordon Ramsey (one of three “3 Michelin star” rated restaurants in London) – and after the legendary Maitre d’ Jean-Claude Breton discovered we were from California/Wine Country, he personally invited us into the kitchen for a tour; City Hop on/Hop off bus tour – and we got to see the Queen pass by in her Range Rover (yes, we waved); Walking through all the levels at both Harrods and Selfridges; Hired a private driver and guide to visit Salisbury Cathedral where the oldest working clock and the most legible pages of the Magna Carta are housed; thereafter we traveled to Stonehenge, where we were able to partake in a very rare after-hours tour behind the ropes (not 30 yards out) but within the actual stones themselves, for over an hour . . . awe-inspiring experience to say the least !!!

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