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Mr. & Mrs. Cannon

Gary and Ashley were absolutely amazing . We teased they were our 'drama avoidance team'. They were ahead of the game every single step of the way. From getting the house ready for sale, through close of escrow and temporary rent-back they kept on top of every issue. We always had plenty of notice for each step in the process and they were professional as well as kind. The whole process went quickly and seamlessly. We can't recommend them strongly enough.

Mr. & Mrs. Taxdal

From the moment you engage Ashley or Gary, you can relax and rest assured, you are in very capable hands. Their attention to detail was exceptional and it is with great pleasure we recommend the Browns.

Mr. & Mrs. Sharma

We can't say enough about Gary & Ashley. They not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Their knowledge of the market and professional savvy is unparalleled. We wish everyone's real estate transaction would be as smooth as ours. The best agents we have had in any real estate transaction in 30 years !!!

Joan (Administrative Law Judge)

It is hard to find adequate words to describe my esteem for the Browns. They are complete professionals, and completely dedicated to their clients. It is not only their hard work I appreciated, their knowledge of economic trends and the impact of real estate laws that was invaluable to me. On every important matter, from marketing to moving, they were experts. They were energetic, and always encouraging - the kind of people you can trust with your most important investment. Because they work as a team, the service they offer is complete. I give them my whole-hearted recommendation.

Mr. & Mrs. Salerno

We have bought and sold 5 homes in the past 15 years. Working with Gary and Ashley was the easiest, nicest and smoothest transactions in all our experiences!

Mrs. Engler (Retired Escrow Officer)

Referencing the sale of our personal residence, you ensured our contract was flawless, assuring the process through the closing on our home occurred without problems. In simple terms, you did a TERRIFIC job. On a personal note, having worked many years in the Title industry (30+ years) on the other side of the desk so to speak, I want you to know how impressed I have been with your professionalism and the way you two handle your transactions. There are very few agents with the follow-up and follow through you two exhibit.

Mr. & Mrs. O’Brien

Gary & Ashley you were both exceptional. Very thorough, professional and easy to communicate with. This was the smoothest real estate transaction we have ever had. Thank you

Bigattini and Maillet

Gary and Ashley Brown continued to surpass our seller expectations at every step along the process, given their vast and in-depth realty knowledge and professionalism. They genuinely make all the difference in the home selling experience given the extended service only they can provide. They truly offer much more than most Realtors provide, as they appreciate all the emotions and concerns that home sellers must endure, making the experience that much more fulfilling. Having the capability to inform us at the right moments throughout the process helped not overwhelm us. Gary and Ashley stick with you all the way, even showing up at the title company.

Mr. & Mrs. Hattar

It is our pleasure to write this letter of appreciation to Gary and Ashley, who helped us sell our house and have been instrumental in making this task go so smoothly. They are very kind, professional, knowledgeable, pleasant and easy to work with. Every time we called them, they were so prompt in responding. We are so happy to have chosen Gary and Ashley to be our real estate agents, and would recommend them to anyone who wants to buy or sell a house.

Mr. Dinh (Attorney)

I made the right decision in having Gary & Ashley represent me (twice now) and strongly recommend them to others.

Thao & Andrew

The Browns did an amazing job working with us on 2 of our properties. They were very diligent in their work and did a great job communicating with us, and updating us along the journey. They made the process very easy and we definitely recommend the Browns to anyone in need of a Realtor.

Mr. & Mrs. Ginsburg

We can't thank you enough for guiding us through our real estate transaction in such a highly skilled way - from the first steps in listing our home; your marketing plans; working with the buyer's agent; to our actual move. You demonstrated so much savvy in the sales side of the transaction; the financial and technical acumen that you brought to the table; and most of all your knowledge and thoroughness in every single part of the process. We could not have chosen better agents to list and sell our home. Gary and Ashley, you are the very best.

Dr. & Mrs. Steady

Top rate real estate experience. They could not have done anything to make the process go more smoothly. Extremely knowledgeable, informed, patient, knew how to troubleshoot to bypass any potential difficulties, no pressure from them. They know the market like the back of their hands. We felt pampered. I wish every professional were as honest and dependable and followed through on everything they said, like Gary and Ashley Brown do.

Mike & Doug

From the initial consultation to the close of escrow, Gary and Ashley always maintained the highest level of communication, transparency, and partnership. They provided the best advice and their expertise helped us close in record time with multiple offers !!!

Mr. & Mrs. Silberkleit

We bought our home from a client of the Browns and were so impressed with them that we asked them to be our agents when we later sold it. We are so glad we did! From our first conversation about market conditions, we immediately developed a “trusted advisor” confidence that they would do the best possible job of marketing and selling our home for top dollar. They inspired so much trust that we were comfortable moving out and leaving the area before our home sold, knowing it was in great hands. They kept us informed throughout the entire transaction and we never had to worry about what was going on or whether things were on track. We would absolutely use them again and recommend them to other potential sellers or buyers.

Miin & Nguyen

Gary & Ashley are absolutely wonderful to work with! From the conversation and interaction we had with them, we felt they were very knowledgeable, friendly and just down to earth people. Highly recommend them.

Mr. & Mrs. Meenan

There are so many wonderful things we have to say about Gary & Ashley Brown and our experience working with them; it would take pages and pages to write them all out. So, we're writing some "sound bites" that are heartfelt. Working with Gary and Ashley is an incredible experience. They are extremely knowledgeable, hardworking, and always on top of things. Our home sold in record time, with the entire transaction being very smooth. They kept us informed and were closely involved throughout the entire process. They have a great sense of humor, and are very pleasant and enjoyable to work with. We couldn't have asked for a better home sales experience. Gary & Ashley are honest, ethical, and make sure there are no surprises on either side. The Browns have spoiled us for life! We will never be able to sell another home (unless they start working in Arizona)! The Browns are simply awesome!

Mr. & Mrs. Merschdorf

Gary & Ashley are both extremely professional. As they have sold over 100 homes in our immediate neighborhood, their combined knowledge is incomparable. We can't imagine why anyone would buy or sell without the aid of the Browns.

Mr. Depaoli

Gary and Ashley have been my Realtors for the past 13 years. I've owned quite a few residences and the last 10 buy-sell transactions I've done, I've utilized Gary and Ashley. They are at the pinnacle of their profession. They leave no variables to chance and pretty much do the work of both sides of the transaction to ensure the job gets done and commitments are met. I have never had a negative experience with Gary and Ashley in any aspect of the many deals we've done together. In my opinion, anyone should see Gary and Ashley as a vital part of their team; and role models that other real estate agents should strive to emulate.

The Shatara Family

Throughout the process, Gary and Ashley exhibited nothing short of amazing professionalism and experience, second to none. They helped us through the most miniscule detail, every step of the way (in both selling and buying), and we mean every step. We would strongly recommend Gary and Ashley Brown to any client buying or selling a property. They are truly unique and wonderful, humble, hard-working, patient, and pleasant to work with.

Robert (Retired 25+ Year Police Sergeant)

Gary and Ashley are two of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. They are not only two of the best Realtors in the bay area, but are also great people. They are truly dedicated and committed to their profession and the people they serve. Their professionalism, integrity, dedication, drive, and compassion for the people they serve is top notch. Gary and Ashley exceeded our expectations and were able to sell our house during the COVID-19 crisis.

Mr. Maund

I’ve worked with several realtors over the years and no one has come close to the service provided by Gary and Ashley. Their professionalism and extraordinary service made the entire transaction run smoothly and quickly.

Mr. & Mrs. Williams

If we were keeping score, you would get a perfect 10 . . . every step of the way was handled smoothly and promptly. We are very grateful

Mr. & Mrs. Pedersen

Gary & Ashley are true professionals. The quality of customer service and responsiveness provided was a 10 on a scale of 10. Never once were we not clear on where things were, or ever left to wonder about anything.

Mr. & Mrs. Castro

Gary & Ashley were extraordinary at their jobs. They are highly resourceful, punctual, great at communicating every detail and they are extremely nice people. A pure joy to work with them.

Ms. Duzdevich (recent widow)

Gary & Ashley are the best there is. The Browns knew all of my needs and made it happen. My family is in real estate and I wished they were as professional as the Browns. I cannot thank them enough for helping me through the process of being able to move on.

Mr. & Mrs. Svoboda

Thank you for all you have done on our behalf. We are so glad we chose you two to list and sell our home. All while living in another state!

Mr. & Mrs. Pasfield

Gary & Ashley you are the very best. You kept us informed every step of the way and made the whole prosses go smoothly and stress free.

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver

Our experience was completely satisfactory plus. One area of great importance to us was communication - and we received that in spades. We would definitely recommend the Browns.

Ms. Cuneo

Working with Gary & Ashley has been a wonderful experience. They were both knowledgeable, patient, kind and helpful.

Ms. Eng

The Browns were the right people to represent me when I sold my home. Gary & Ashley were both very professional and caring, making the whole experience an enjoyable one. I highly recommend them.

Mr. Clark Rosen (Real Estate Broker)

Gary & Ashley are a class act. A model of professional courtesy for all to follow. Your success is well earned . . . and you are welcome to quote me !!!

Mr. & Mrs. Klein

We immediately felt that we were in very capable hands with Gary & Ashley . . . and the feeling proved to be absolutely true.

Mr. & Mrs. Jones

We have purchased numerous properties in our 36 years of marriage. Never have we been treated with such care and professionalism as we were with the Browns. They set a high standard for others in the real estate business. We know we've said it before (having worked with you in the past) . . . you are both so on top of your game, you need to franchise yourselves!

Alex & Joan

Superlatives by the dozens could not adequately describe the professionalism, expertise, kindness, knowledge and patience of the Browns. Together, Gary & Ashley function as a well oiled machine. Without their experience, knowledge and patience we would not have completed our sale. We will be forever grateful.

Mike & Mary Louise

We have worked with many realtors over the years and Ashley and Gary are the best! They are consummate professionals that have a deep understanding of the market and are respected by both clients and their colleagues. And the real bonus is their genuine focus on the personal and unique needs of buyers and sellers – a rare and valuable quality in today's complex environment.

Mr. & Mrs. Hickerson

Gary & Ashley were absolutely outstanding. They are very knowledgeable with contracts and the comparable sales. Very professional, extremely responsive with excellent follow through. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Mr. & Mrs. Cheevers

Thank you Gary & Ashley for being so supportive, available, patient, professional, impeccable, cheerful, truthful, honest, informative and warm, just to name a few of your qualities. You both made a stressful scary situation seem like a breeze.

Mr. & Mrs. Cook

The Browns advise, service, attention to details and guidance during the whole process was really appreciated. We had our smoothest move and closing ever. It was finally a good experience.

Mr. & Mrs. England

It was a pleasure to work with and get to know you two. You represent the kind of professional conduct all sales professionals should aspire to.

Ms. Aymond

Nothing to say about Gary & Ashley except SUPERB from start to finish. I can't imagine better guidelines and caring than they provided.

John & Eileen

Gary & Ashley Brown are by far the best Realtors we've ever worked with in the 30+ years we've been buying and selling homes. You truly get two for the price of one, as they seamlessly cover all the bases.

Mr. & Mrs. Becker

Gary & Ashley excel in every aspect of buying or selling a home. Their attention to detail and vast experience provided us with great peace of mind throughout our transaction.

Mr. & Mrs. Bunch

We have bought and sold 29 homes in the past. The objective of getting to a closed sales contract is difficult and peppered with obstacles and outrageous call to details. To navigate these challenges it requires persistence and knowledge to clear obstacles and create solutions for all parties involved in the transaction. The Browns have both the talent and motivation to take on these challenges. We can say it was a very successful experience for us and we whole heartedly recommend Gary & Ashley.

Miss Martello

YOU GUYS ROCK!!! YOU ARE PHENOMENAL!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you so much for your hard work in getting the house sold so fast. That was way above our expectations and wildest dreams.

Bernie & Margaurite

We have bought and sold eight homes. We have NEVER had such a smooth experience.

Mr. & Mrs. Andruss

We highly recommend Ashley & Gary Brown. We were referred to them (thank heaven) by a very reputable Marin County agent - we could not have been more pleased with their diligence, competence, and professionalism. Since we were new to the area (we are San Diego County residents), they provided us with a comprehensive and invaluable description of the Sonoma County housing market; and in the end they expertly assessed our needs and enabled us to purchase the perfect match of a house. We highly, highly recommend the Browns.

Mr. Baretta

Whether it was answering my questions or working with all the other realtors and agencies inherent to the process, Gary and Ashley were unfailingly professional, knowledgeable, informative, courteous and always accessible.

Mr. & Mrs. DeCelles

We toast the Browns for all your support and patience. We depended on you so much and appreciated the daily attention & communication.

Mr. & Mrs. Farlow

We were very satisfied with the way Gary and Ashley handled the sale of our home. It is obvious that they are very aware of current real estate markets and were consistently staying ahead of the curve.

Mike & Ann

Gary and Ashley Brown have been our Realtors for 8 years. Having been investors in real estate since 1987 we have worked with several real estate firms and Realtors. Without a doubt Gary and Ashley have proved themselves to be at the pinnacle of their profession. With respect to competency in handling the logistics, paperwork and providing communication to the seller or buyer, we have never encountered or heard of their equal. In all our transactions they have never once dropped the ball. We would recommend Gary and Ashley to anyone who is looking for the true full service, hassle free, selling or buying experience.

Mr. & Mrs. Ward (Real Estate Broker)

We have dealt with numerous different Realtors over the past 20 years. Gary & Ashley are by far the best ones. The communication on a weekly basis was more than expected and their attention to detail was top notch. We would highly recommend Team Brown for any real estate needs.

Mr. & Mrs. Freidig

Things all happened so quickly and smoothly, looking back it is difficult to explain the Browns success in our case. Perhaps it was their research and marketing strategy; or maybe it was the sales network they tap into; it could well be their personal qualities - integrity, hard work, attention to detail, and a solid reputation. It is likely a combination of all these factors. But, while it may not be possible to pinpoint why they are so successful, it is very easy to see how they are successful. They run a first class operation from start to finish. We would not hesitate to recommend them to our friends and will make them our first (and only) call for any future real estate needs.

Mr. & Mrs. Engle

Thank you very much for making the experience of selling our home one that was so stress free and simple that we can’t believe the process is already over.

Mr. & Mrs. Klein

During our initial meeting with the Browns, we could sense a dedication to us that hasn't always been there in the past (having experience selling 6 other homes). They explained the market conditions; shared comparable sales; and detailed the advantageous ways to sell in a depressed market (our words, not theirs). Based on their collective optimism, you would have thought the California market was in a real estate boom. Inside of 2 weeks, even before the advertising could truly take hold, we had 2 full priced offers! What a network! Gary, a true student of sale, was able to coach the buyer's agent and resolve issues to keep the accepted offer on track. Ashley practically had to handle both sides of the paperwork in the transaction due to some inexperience on the part of the buyer's agent. We were advised every step of the way on the marketing and closing process. Communication via constant visits, emails and a lot of calls, was the best we can remember of any previous real estate experience. And, all this is happening while we were on a 2 week vacation! Our neighbors even caught them sprucing up the flower pots. Gary & Ashley epitomizes the meaning of professionalism in their field.

Mr. & Mrs. Fiorito

We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the service we received from Gary and Ashley in the sale of our home. Their advertising program was also excellent in exposing the property.

Mr. & Mrs. Stroud

It was a pleasure working with Gary and Ashley. They were very professional and paid close attention to the details. Even though buying a property can be stressful, their professionalism and humor put our minds at ease.

Mr. & Mrs. King

We had HIGH expectations and were not disappointed. The Browns were very thorough in our initial meeting, explaining what they do; how and why they do it; and what regulations must be observed (laws of California). Their knowledge of the industry is a great asset and quite valuable in our decision making. Gary & Ashley went over and above their normal duties in presenting and showing the property even to potential buyers of another agent (as that agent was out of town). This actually turned out to be the couple that purchased the home. We give Gary & Ashley the highest praise for the professionalism, integrity and communication during ALL our transaction. Their follow up (and we mean daily!) before and after the sale of our home was impeccable. Having Gary & Ashley on your team in selling or buying real estate will make your life easier.

Mr. and Mrs. Koran

We would highly recommend Gary and Ashley to anyone thinking of buying or selling a home. They have taken customer service to the next level.

Mr. Procacci

Gary and Ashley have set a new standard of excellence in real estate! Thank you!

(Name requested to be withheld for privacy)

We have purchased and sold 9 homes in the past 17 years. The transaction with the Browns was far and away our favorite experience. The level of professionalism and courtesy by Gary & Ashley was higher than expected and we were actually disappointed when the sale concluded. We had a great experience and would highly recommend the Browns.

Mr. & Mrs. Colarullo

Gary & Ashley make a great team. They are always available, patient, informative and polite. Having worked with you, we can now honestly say you truly know the real estate market better than most Realtors. We were extremely pleased with our transaction with you.

Mr. & Mrs. Herrara

The Browns know their "stuff!" They often did their paperwork and everyone else's as well. To sum it all up - if you want to get your property sold, Gary & Ashley will get it done! They are tireless workers in a much-changed environment. Thank you again, Gary & Ashley. We would have never survived without you.

Mr. Decker

I can’t think of anything that wasn’t done or that should have been done differently! I was very satisfied with the whole process. You handled yourselves very professionally & I was always kept well informed. I was especially pleased with the closing process & attention to detail.

Mr. & Mrs. Hersey

You made this transition in our lives effortless and worry-free! You handled all the details & your constant communication took away all the stress we might have expected. It was great knowing that we not only had 1, but 2 professionals working with us!

Ann D.

Thank you for all you do. You make buying and selling such an easy process.

Mr. & Mrs. McCarthy

We really appreciated all Gary and Ashley's support and help in selling our home. They did a great job and we really enjoyed working with them. Not only was it an easy process, but their loyalty to us was beyond what we expected. What an amazing job! We cannot thank them enough for all their hard work.

Mr. Ellis

Gary and Ashley Brown are outstanding, professional and impeccable in every way. Their clear communication, flawless follow up, and attention to detail are incredibly reassuring during a stressful time. You can be confident that they reflect well for any company and any company would be lucky to have them. Thank you for a smooth transaction. I will recommend the Browns without hesitation.

Mr. & Mrs. Gibbons

We've used Gary and Ashley's services twice now. On both occasions their knowledge and expertise in real estate were invaluable to ensure the transactions went smoothly. We will use the Browns again, should the occasion arise.

Jill S. (Real Estate Broker)

WOW! I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Gary and Ashley for the past four years and find it hard to put too many real estate agents in their class.

Mr. & Mrs. Morris

We would like to thank Gary and Ashley for handling the sale of our home. You were both very caring and thoughtful professionals and we are grateful.

(Name requested to be withheld for privacy)

The Browns have a solid background. They excel at communication and provide evidence to keep forward progress and a favorable experience for all parties involved in the transaction. Ask and they will answer and be with you every step of the way. Our experience could not have been, or gone, any better. Thank you Gary & Ashley.

Mr. & Mrs. Fee

There is simply no better team of real estate agents to go to than Gary & Ashley Brown. The marketing materials they produce are thorough and polished. When it comes to negotiating, they follow all procedures and disclosures to the letter so there are no surprises. We are in a service industry, so we appreciate responsive service and professionalism. You will get the highest degree of service and professionalism from Gary & Ashley. P.S. they're really nice people too!

Mr. & Mrs. Svoboda

Thank you Gary & Ashley for all you did for us. From making the sale go so smoothly, to just being very kind and thoughtful.

Mr. & Mrs. McCue

We had dealt with several Realtors prior to meeting the Browns, but none of them cared about our needs. Gary & Ashley actually listened to what we were looking for and went out of their way to help us find the home of our dreams. We cannot praise them enough . . . We will certainly recommend them to anyone who is seriously shopping for real estate. They were successful in making buying a home pleasurable and a wonderful experience. Words cannot describe the appreciation we feel for all of Gary & Ashley's hard word and undying effort they have put in for selling us this great home. Thank you for everything!

Mr. & Mrs. Dubbs

We can't say enough about Gary and Ashley. They are a professional team . . . they stay in touch through the whole process; they know what is happening in the market; they do a great job marketing properties; and they sold our house in just 3 days!

Mr. & Mrs. Danoff

It was important for us to work with organized, positive, respectful, courteous and understanding team players, such as yourselves, and you both joyfully fulfilled those expectations! Thank you!

(Name requested to be withheld for privacy)

We have moved 22 times and have lived in 8 states. Our experience with Team Brown was flawless. Not once did we have to wonder where we were in the process or worry about something being overlooked. We appreciated the job Gary & Ashley did. They can count on us being clients who will refer others to work with them. Thank you so much Gary & Ashley!

Mr. & Mrs. Cooke

Gary and Ashley, your service was awesome! We had the smoothest move and closing ever! Staying in touch with us during the whole process put our minds at ease! Your guidance and advice was really appreciated!

Mr. & Mrs. Andrus

We could not be more pleased with the entire experience! Gary and Ashley were understanding, patient and best of all extremely prompt with every response to our requests. Their knowledge of the market and obvious enthusiasm in their work, made our choice unquestionable.

Mr. & Mrs. Hitchens

You are the best realtors we've ever worked with! Your reputation preceded you, but your professionalism was what convinced us! You kept us informed and fulfilled all your promises.

Mr. & Mrs. Diamond

Your commitment to a very high standard of ethics permeates all of your hard work and attention to even the smallest of details! We also appreciated your frequent updates.

Mr. & Mrs. Davis

Thank you for your professional efforts and diligence! We appreciated your constant contact and advice to us!

Mr. & Mrs. Kramme

The professionalism and attention to the "little things" made this a pleasurable experience! We would not hesitate for one millisecond to recommend Gary and Ashley to anyone selling or buying a home!

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

We chose the Browns to represent us and are VERY pleased we did. We found Gary & Ashley to be not only a completely devoted couple to each other, but also to us as their clients. We felt like family! We have purchased and sold a number of homes in various states over the years and worked with a number of different Realtors. Gary & Ashley are the most professional and personable of all. They very competently handled the ever-increasing legal complexity of selling a home in California; along with a fantastic marketing campaign using all the latest Internet/On-Line tools of their trade. Their knowledge of creating marketing materials with super photography is second to none! We are very proud of the way our home was presented to the public. Comprehensive communication with a Realtor is essential when buying or selling a home. Always, always the Browns contacted us exactly when they said they would; their follow-up and status reports were just as promised - timely, accurate and certain! It was a joy to work TOGETHER with them, knowing that they would take care of every detail. Our home was sold as we drove across the USA to our new home on the East Coast. All the while, we had complete assurance that Gary & Ashley would be working for us and keep us fully informed with any and all developments. We can recommend the Browns without hesitation because they really know their business; they are extremely professional and client oriented; and they simply get the job DONE!